Prices and terms

At Club Sportif MAA

To sign up:  contact Hector Giraldo

514 865-9346


Au Ben Weider JCC - YM-YWHA Centre

If you buy an annual access card for the baby (giving you unlimited access to free swimming), then the Aquababy classes cost less.

To sign up: at the reception of the Centre or call 514-737-6551 for more information.

The Jewish Community Sports Centre might offer you to join other groups, held by a different instructor, at a different time. Make sure you sign up for a course by Victoria Fedorova, if you want to take classes of this Aquababy program. Other instructors offer different skills and approach.



At the Centre de réadaptation Lucie-Bruno

The temperature of the water is 32-34'C.

Family members can accompany.

You can take pictures and videos of your baby.